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Negative ‘Trump Effect’ Forces Scottish Holiday Park To Ponder Name Change

What’s in a name? According to the owners of the Turnberry Holiday Park in southwest Scotland, everything.

And they are now considering ditching the “Turnberry” part of the vacation spot’s title, over fears that folks may incorrectly associate it with the Trump Organization-linked nearby Trump Turnberry golf resort ― and thus decide not to visit.

We have worked hard to make Turnberry a wonderful holiday park and are concerned that customers are put off due to the Trump effect,” Andrew Howe, CEO of park owner Bridge Leisure Parks, said on Tuesday, according to British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

The park has asked people to suggest new names via Facebook:

“We often have new guests who confuse us with a certain hotel and golf resort up the road,” the park posted. “So we’re considering changing our name to something that represents the magnificence of our special part of the world.”

Some respondents proposed variants using “Ailsa,” given the park’s proximity to the island of Ailsa Craig. Many said the park should upgrade its facilities rather than spend money to rebrand.

Surprisingly, no one has yet suggested a joke name such as “Parky McParkface.”

Trump bought the sprawling Scottish golf resort, which last week posted its fourth consecutive year of multi-million dollar losses, in 2014. He quit as director of its holding company, Golf Recreation Scotland, when he took office as U.S. president in 2017.

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