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News Roundup for May 17, 2017

Well… so much for a slow news week.

1. It was revealed that former FBI Director James Comey had been keeping memos of his conversations with Trump. Looks like this might be the first step towards impeachment. More here.

2. Vladimir Putin offered to clear up Trump’s other scandal. You know, the one where he leaked classified information to the Russians last week. Yeah… probably not the best person to vouch for Trump at this moment. More here.

3. Chelsea Manning is now free, but the fight for her legacy rages on. More here.

4. A teenager designed a pocket sized satellite that will be flying on NASA’s next mission. Can this lil’ dude just be president instead of Trump? More here.

5. Immigration arrests are up 38{8883afff3f996f915e4087502a0d4bc0cab7d523e6eee37ef51ae9a6c529a071} under President Trump. Maybe we could deport him back to Russia once this is all take care of? More here.

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