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Oregon Man Allegedly Fires AK-47 At Neighbors Because Kids Were Noisy

An Oregon man is facing charges of attempted murder and unlawful use of a weapon after he allegedly fired an AK-47 rifle at his neighbors because the small children upstairs were making a lot of noise.

Franklin L. Tomes of Newport was arrested Tuesday night after a five-hour standoff that started when the 59-year-old reportedly became angry over the noise that kids who lived in the upstairs apartment were making, according to The Oregonian.

Tomes got into an argument with the kids’ father and another neighbor in the apartment parking lot, the report said.

At some point during the heated discussion, Tomes grabbed a rifle, according to KOIN TV, citing police.

Tomes then returned to his vehicle before grabbing the firearm and shooting at least a dozen rapid-fire rounds at the two men as they ran away, reports said.

The victims, Jose Gaeta and Tristan Smith, both 20 years old, were struck by the bullets, but managed to get to a nearby apartment for safety before being taken to a local hospital.

They are listed in stable condition, according to KATU TV.

Franklin L. Tomes, 59, allegedly fired an AK-47 at his neighbors because their children were being noisy.

Tomes returned to his apartment after the alleged shooting, where he stayed until he surrendered to police about five hours later, according to The Oregonian.

Police said they found the assault rifle inside his unit.

Tomes remained in the Lincoln County Jail on Wednesday.

Since his initial arrest, he has also been charged with first-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon and reckless endangering.

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