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Trump Goes Off On Weird Riff About How It’s Really The ‘Democrat’ Party

President Donald Trump took another puzzling U-turn into his own reality Saturday when he insisted at a rally in West Virginia that the Democratic Party is really the “Democrat Party.”

“You notice I say ‘Democrat Party’? I hate how it sounds; that’s why I say it, because it’s really their name, you know,” he said. “It’s not the Democratic Party, which flows nicer. Their real name is the Democrat Party.”

No it’s not. 

The party formally adopted its name Democratic Party at its convention in 1844. It’s even older than the Republic Party.

Trump also said Saturday that the “Democrat Party is radical socialism, Venezuela, and open borders. It’s now called, to me, you’ve never heard this before, the party of crime.” 

The term “Democrat Party” is considered a kind of slur that is believed by some Republicans leaders and right-wingers to irritate some Democrats. It’s apparently used snidely to imply that the Democrats believe they have cornered the market on democracy — when they haven’t. It was often used by the late Sen. Joseph McCarthy, orchestrator of the Communist witch-hunts. Former president George W. Bush also employed it to needle the Democrats. 

Check out the “slur” in the video above.

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