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Victoria’s Secret Model Says She Relates To Women Of Color Because She’s Blonde

Model Devon Windsor is apologizing for comments she made suggesting she can relate to the struggles of women of color because she’s blonde.

Windsor is one of the models appearing on the new E! series “Model Squad,” and she got a dressing down for comments she made on last Thursday’s episode.

On the latest edition, Shanina Shaik, whose father has roots in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, recounted to her fellow models how people used to tell her she would never do high fashion because of her skin color. She added that black girls were left out of big shows in Milan because the designers didn’t want women of color, according to The Cut.

Unfortunately, Windsor attempted to equate her own struggles as a white model with the unique issues faced by women of color when the subject of diversity in modeling came up.

Spoiler alert: She sounded a teensy bit self-centered.

“I literally fucking went through hell and literally lived in different countries like every other month and didn’t speak that language,” she said. “I didn’t speak Paris, didn’t speak Italian. And I did that for like, two years.”

When one model said she might not be able to relate, Windsor made things worse by doubling down and griping about the terrible struggles she’s faced.

“You know how hard it is to be blonde? I have to get a highlight every month! Do you know how expensive that is?”

Fellow model Ping Hue wasn’t impressed.

“Oh my God, tiny violin,” she said.

Here’s the exchange as posted on Instagram:

Another model, Olivia Culpo, suggested Windsor’s comments were taken “out of context” and “misconstrued to manufacture drama, but Windsor eventually realized the error of her ways.

She posted this apology on Sunday, saying how her comments really came across as “incredibly insensitive.” 

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